The Process

 ". . .a tequila unlike any other!"  The Tasting Panel

Not just a new tequila, but a truly DIFFERENT tequila.  Not Lowland or Highland, but the ONLY Ultra-Premium Tequila from the newly rediscovered natural growing region of ancestral tequila-making agave in the Tropical Dry Forests of SW Jalisco, Mexico.  These rich, green, fertile, bio-diverse fields produce a naturally-premium agave and our specialized harvesting and production methods create a tequila that is like no other and rivals all others.  Farming in this remote and geographically-formidable region does present its challenges, but in what has been said to "rightfully claim to be the best growing region for tequila agave," we feel that the extra time and effort it takes is well worth it.  

Once harvested (only during the cycle of the full moon as this is when the plant is said to be healthiest and full of vitality) the agave are taken to our distillery in Autlan. There, our specialized cooking methods (slow cooking and slower cooling), along with slow-filtering and a very precise barreling regiment, produce our award-winning Luna Malvada.  From farming specialized agave, to producing with specialized methods, producing Luna Malvada may take more care and time but as our reviews and consumers agree, this effort produces a truly world-class, one-of-a-kind spirit.  ENJOY!   

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