Scottsdale tequila brand wins gold award at 'Made in Mexico' competition

Sep 28, 2015

Scottsdale-based Luna Malvada Tequila took home a "Gold" award last week at Glorious Spirit's "Made in Mexico/Hecho en Mexico" competition in San Diego. The annual competition was hosted at the Best Western Plus Hacienda in Old Town San Diego. Judges, who ranged from producers of spirits to restaurateurs, did a blind tasting of over 67 spirits.

The rankings were based on five categories: appearance, aromatics, flavor, mouthfeel and finish, with a maximum score of 100 points. Luna Malvada won a "Gold" in the Tequila Reposado category, alongside Apocalypto, Don Modesto and Los Tres Tonos, who also won a "Gold" in that category. Tequila reposado, which ages in oak barrels from two to 12 months, is known for being a difficult flavor to perfect. Luna Malvada has been making tequila for the past five years, using a 100 percent premium agave found in the Colina Foothills of Southern Jalisco, Mexico, according to the company website.

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