Wild, Wicked Weber - Luna Malvada Tequila raises $1,000,000

May 5, 2015

Scottsdale, Arizona May 5, 2015-- Luna Malvada Tequila, the worlds highest rated tequila brand, announced today that it has received an investment of $500,000, bringing it to a total of $1,000,000 year to date.

The funding is being used to expand the companys ongoing national roll-out, including the hiring of top industry professionals, and a 100% expansion in production. In addition, funds have been allotted for the launch of its highly anticipated Anejo (aged 16 months) and Diablo 100, its 100 Proof Plata.

This latest fund raise gives us the ability to not only rapidly expand operations within the US market, but simultaneously grow internationally while of course increasing production capabilities to meet demand Andy Rose - President, Luna Malvada

 Luna Malvadas ability to secure capital in the current competitive market environment is a true testament to the product and its team. 

In the four years since opening the full market in Arizona, we have seen so many distilleries bottling seemingly countless new brands, bringing the total to well over 1,400.  However, weve also seen so many come and go as theyve had little merit, and were simply the same product in a different bottle.  Brian Krupski - Brand Ambassador, Luna Malvada

A brand like no other! When discussing tequila terroir, theres been a long embroiled debate about the merits of Jaliscos Highland vs. Lowland Blue Weber Agave.  The age old question remains, who in this region produces the sweetest and smoothest tequila, and how can one possibly differentiate?  Luna Malvada stands alone when it comes to tequila making; it grows its plants on one hundred acres of its privately owned farm, located in the arid tropical-dry forests of Southern Jalisco, the original growing region. The diverse volcanic soils are organically fed, no fertilizer necessary, to produce the most vibrant, flavorful plants in the world. Its like sustainable wild salmon vs. farm-raised salmon, explains Rose, referring to the different strains of agave. Luna Malvada is the first and only tequila to embrace the superior qualities of this native agave-growing region.

Meaning evil or wicked moon, Luna Malvada hopes theres more to the name than spook-appeal as it amps up a national cross-marketing and promotional campaign. Luna Malvada and its strategic partners are keying in on various characteristics unique to the brand, specifically a full-moon.

All of the other brands can compete for attention on Cinco de Mayo, weve got every full-moon.  Unlike any other product on the market, thats thirteen days that our brand is directly intertwined. Andy Rose - President, Luna Malvada

Following ancient traditions, the brand only harvests its agave during the cycle of a full-moon. People in the jungles of Mexico have been moon-gardening for hundreds of years and it is said that the process brings up all of the nutrients from the soil, in addition to improving the vitality of the plant. Proving that a little tequila in the moonlight can combine to create wickedly good things, Luna Malvada and its partners will be capitalizing on this, hosting monthly rooftop/outdoor full-moon parties to celebrate the ancient tradition, and to further define the brand.

"Even as we expand national growth, we still aim to focus locally; looking to earn full support from Luna Malvadas hometown retail, bar, and hospitality industries in 2015. In Arizona we want tourists to feel as they do when they arrive at Tennessee, associating the state as home to a top distiller like Jack Daniels."  Brian Krupski - Brand Ambassador, Luna Malvada

Since its launch, the brand has carefully expanded state-by-state, most recently adding California, Oregon,  Kansas, New Mexico, Illinois, and Nevada.  As production and marketing expands with this latest round of funding, Luna Malvada has positioned itself as an identifiable brand with unlimited marketing potential.


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